Engineers Without Borders - Lebanon

Our Mission

"Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives: Engineers Without Borders Lebanon"

Our mission is to leverage engineering expertise and innovation to address the pressing challenges faced by vulnerable communities in Lebanon, fostering sustainable development and positive social impact.

Our Vision

In envisioning a prosperous and resilient Lebanon, Engineers Without Borders Lebanon (EWB-Lebanon) strives to be a beacon of sustainable development and social justice. Our vision is to create a future where communities thrive in harmony with their environment, where every individual has access to basic necessities, and where the transformative power of engineering fosters lasting positive change. 

Our Aspirations

Empowered and Thriving Communities

We envision communities in Lebanon empowered with the knowledge, skills, and resources to drive their own development, fostering a sense of ownership and resilience against challenges.

Innovative Engineering Solutions

EWB Lebanon aims to lead in the development and implementation of innovative engineering solutions that address complex challenges, ensuring sustainability and adaptability of our projects.

Holistic Approach to Development

We strive for a holistic approach to community development, integrating social, economic, and environmental considerations into our projects to create lasting and meaningful impacts.

Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

EWB Lebanon envisions a collaborative network, locally and globally, where knowledge and experiences are shared freely, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to environmental stewardship, advocating for and implementing sustainable practices that contribute to the preservation and regeneration of Lebanon's natural resources.

Lifelong Learning

We aspire to be a hub for educational excellence, providing learning opportunities for communities, fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation, and preparing next leaders in engineering.

Equitable Access to Resources

We envision a future where every individual has equitable access to essential resources, including clean water, education, healthcare, and energy, promoting social justice and inclusivity.

Resilient Infrastructure 

Our vision includes communities equipped with resilient infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

Ethical and Inclusive Engagement

EWB Lebanon is committed to engaging with communities in an ethical, culturally sensitive, and inclusive manner, respecting diversity and valuing the unique perspectives of all individuals.

Inspiring Movement for Positive Change

Our ultimate vision is to inspire a movement where engineers, professionals, and community members come together to drive positive change, creating a legacy that transcends generations.

Our Activities

Supporting Sesobel Go Green

EWB-Lebanon together with EWB-AUB, EWB-NDU, EWB-LAU, and EWB-UOB help the people in need at Sesobel, implementing energy efficiency measures such as retrofitting of 950 lighting fixtures, installing 14 solar hearts, and conducting an energy audit.

Beekeeping for Development

The project entitled "Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Rural Livelihood" aimed at supporting poor families in rural regions through introducing the concept of sustainable beekeeping and providing them with education, financial support, and technical cooperation in the field. 

The Turbocycler I

The “turbocycler I” was developed as a demonstration kit to illustrate electricity-independent power generation in its mechanical and electrical forms. This model is designed to assist farmers and other users in rural and nonelectrified areas in their agricultural and non-agricultural uses. 

Creating Green Leaders

In a youth camp in Zouk Mikael, EWB-Lebanon was present to give young leaders a lecture on energy conservation, renewable energy, and environment.

The camp was organized by Midade (Mouvement International d'Apostolat Des Enfants) Lebanon and funded by World Vision.

Study Tour - O.K. Industries

Engineers Without Borders NDU Chapter organizes a field trip to O.K. Foundry in Kfarchima. This visit was part of the senior course MEN340 (Manufacturing Processes), and was organized by Dr. Marwan Azzi allowing mechanical engineering students to experience the manufacturing processes of valves and fittings in different types and material.

Elderly Center Visit

Engineers Without Borders Lebanon organized a field trip to the Maronite Retirement Center in Ain El Rimmaneh.

The field trip was organized for EWB University Chapter students with two major aspects in mind, intending to introduce the students to the importance of engineering in society development.

Creating Green Leaders

Engineers Without Borders runs again this year. Running for engineering, EWB-Lebanon gathered a group of motivated individuals to run the Beirut Marathon 2012. EWB-Lebanon, jointly with EWB-NDU and EWB-AUB gathered on a Sunday morning to run the Beirut Marathon organized nationally in November each year.

EWB Chapters Gala Dinner

Students from all university chapters attended the dinner. Aside from the students and members, many professors and company officials honoured EWB with their presence: Dean of Engineering at Notre Dame University Michel Hayek as well as university professors, CEOs, Managing Directors and Operations Managers from sponsoring companies such as Green Future, SEEDS, Solar World and SESOBEL.

Engineers in Development

In an aim to introduce the roles of engineers in sustainable development, EWB-AUB in collaboration with EWB-NDU organized a lecture on the involvement of engineers in social work and society-driven initiatives. The lecture spoke about sustainable solutions in a social institution as part of Green Future Lebanon corporate social responsibility strategy jointly with engineers without borders Lebanon.

Beirut Energy Forum

Engineers Without Borders-Lebanon secured sponsored participation for EWB-NDU and EWB-AUB chapters at the Beirut Energy Forum in its third edition.10 students from AUB and NDU were recommended by EWB-Lebanon to be sponsored by the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) as delegates at this prestigious event, which is considered the number one energy related event in Lebanon.

Green Building Event

EWB-NDU organized a lecture on green building design and LEED certificates entitled "Introduction to LEED & Building Performance Simulation”. The lecture the included an Introduction to Green Buildings & LEED, Sustainable Strategies and Energy conservation measures (Site, Energy, Water, Materials & Indoor Environmental Quality), and case studies on BIM.

NDU Founders Day

Founder’s day is a very special day to the NDU family. Each year NDU officials and students get together on the 11th of May in a large ceremony and festival to commemorate the beginning of their dear university. EWB-NDU participated in social and engineering events, and introduced students and visitors to its role in sustainable development.

Beirut Energy Forum

Engineers Without Borders AUB held its first event as part of its recruitment campaign for engineering students at The American University. The event was organized by EWB-AUB cabinet and attended by class representatives and other engineering students interested in the work of Engineers Without Borders at AUB.

EWB-NDU Recruitment Day

Engineers Without Borders NDU held its first event as part of its recruitment campaign for engineering students at Notre Dame University main campus in Zouk Mosbeh. The event was organized by EWB-NDU and the faculty of engineering in partnership with EWB-Lebanon which was represented by board members.

Running Without Borders

Under the theme “Run Without Borders”, EWB-Lebanon members and friends ran the Run For Fun at Beirut Marathon. The Group consisted of 20 runners from different ages running together with determination to achieve sustainable development and improve the living conditions of civilians in different regions of the country.

The Turbocycler on MTV

Engineers Without Borders Lebanon was hosted at MTV Lebanon during its morning show on Sunday May 08, 2011.  EWB-Lebanon Founder, Nader Hajj Shehadeh, was interviewed during the technology and innovation show "Barcode" to discuss the human powered pump concept that EWB used to develop their Turbocycler in 2010. 

EWB-Lebanon at SEEM 2010

The second annual meeting of the eastern Mediterranean Region at EWB was held in Larnaca at the Palm Beach Hotel and Bungalows from March 3 to March 6 2010. Organized by Engineers Without Borders  International  under the title “Sustainable Engineering in the Eastern Mediterranean”, the workshop was a good gathering for regional partners and humanitarian work representatives.

EWB-NDU Sees the Light

Engineers Without Borders Lebanon has officially launched its first university chapter at Notre Dame University main campus in Zouk Mosbeh. The committee includes committed and active engineering students from different discipline within the faculty of engineering at NDU Zouk Mosbeh led by Antoine Aad as the president.

EWB-Lebanon at NDU

Engineers Without Borders Lebanon was hosted at Notre Dame University - Louaize to give a lecture on engineering and community service. The lecture was organized by the Faculty of Engineering and attended by engineering faculty members and students from different disciplines and majors.

Stewardship at Schools

In a youth camp in Majdelyoun (east Saida), EWB-Lebanon was present to volunteer and give kids with ages between 7 and 15 a lecture on environmental prtection through energy conservation, recycling, and waste reduction.

EWB-LEbanon Sees the Light

In September 2009, Nader Hajj Shehadeh, an active energy engineer concerned about sustainable development and environmental protection, suggested to a group of fellow engineers sharing the similar concerns starting a a chapter of Engineers Without Borders in Lebanon. The group gathered to discuss the issue and agreed to apply for a start-up group as a first step in establishing an active organization in Lebanon. In coordination with Dr. Bernard Amadei and the member group of Egypt, the young engineers applied for a start-up group in December 2009.

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