Our Mission

According to the UN-Poverty Center, 7.97% of the Lebanese population live under conditions of extreme poverty in 2004-2005, meaning that almost 300,000 individuals are unable to meet their food and non-food basic needs.
In addition, 20.59% live in the poor zone, and thus 28.56% of the Lebanese live below the poverty line.
This inequality spreads allover the country; people in rural areas are in desperate need for help and support from the government and local authorities to maintain a comfortable standard of living for all individuals.


Making survival a right.. No longer a target.

Through sustainable development, education, and technical support, we aim to help improve the quality of life of disadvantaged communities not just in Lebanon, but allover the globe, without borders.



Our vision is to establish a well recognized organization in Lebanon and grow to cover all universities and implement projects all over the country to help the unfortunate people and communities with the basic needs and requirements for living.

We are looking forward for a well rounded group of young engineers who would use their expertise and education to help the communities in need, believing in the right of every human-being to have a respectable life.



  • Survival should not be a target, it is a right.

  • Borders are established for political reasons! Humanitarian work knows no borders. 

  • Education is a gift, a gift that shall be implemented for good.