Running Beirut Marathon 2012

Engineers Without Borders runs again this year.
Running for engineering, EWB-Lebanon gathered a group of motivated individuals to run the Beirut Marathon 2012.

EWB-Lebanon, jointly with EWB-NDU and EWB-AUB gathered on a Sunday morning to run the Beirut Marathon organized nationally in November each year.
Supporters of EWB and partner organizations such as Green Future Lebanon joined hands, put their white engineering helmets, and ran together for the second year in a row.
"I would do it again. I would definitely come next yer with a cause to run for" says Jessica, a first time runner.
Rani adds: "The rain was part of the fun though, it wouldn't have been that much fun if it was sunny all day"

A great, refreshing, fat-burning experience it was. EWB-Lebanon ends 2012 with strong bonds with its university chapters and looks forward to more and more achievements and activities in 2013.

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