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EWB Chapters Gala Dinner

posted Jun 16, 2013, 7:45 AM by Nader H   [ updated Feb 11, 2014, 7:03 AM ]
After a year of hard work, Engineers Without Borders - Lebanon family organized its first end-of-year gathering at Plaza Palace in Tabarja on the 3rd of June, 2013.


Students from all university chapters attended the dinner: members from AUB, and NDU  along with representatives from the startup chapters at UOB, LAU and USJ were all present at the event. Aside from the students and members, many professors and company officials honored EWB with their presence: Dean of Engineering at Notre Dame University Michel Hayek as well as university professors, CEOs, Managing Directors and Operations Managers from sponsoring companies such as Green Future, SEEDS, Solar World and SESOBEL.


Following a brief introduction, Albert Shamieh, Vice President of EWB-Lebanon and Chairman of EWB university chapters in Lebanon, thanked all attendees, :students and companies, for their participation and contribution to the success of EWB’s project for the year 2013, Solar World Lebanon, and Green Future being the major sponsor. He made sure to reflect that what gathered EWB volunteers is their ability to love, help, and their passion about using all the available resources - and more - for the better of their community. Albert explained in brief the strategy followed throughout this project, the brainstorming and SWOT analysis conducted, and the optimization of the decision taken to provide SESOBEL with four thousand united states dollars’ (USD4000) worth of labor cost after detecting their need. With no contingency factor whatsoever, and with a very strict time constraint, the university chapters successfully made it, and did make the world a better place!


Afterwards, the presidents of each EWB University chapter shared their experiences throughout the year: Lama Atallah started by putting forth the efforts EWB-AUB made in order to have a flourishing start. Joseph Tayoun carried on by strengthening EWB-NDU’s engagement in all activities held by the society. He also encouraged students to keep moving forward bearing in mind the goals of the society and what it stands for.


Next, a final word was given to Mr. Elie Kanaan from Solar World-Lebanon, who depicted the high impacts caused by global warming and how his company is dedicated to make a small change through the use of solar energy. On the other hand, this responsibility involves not only companies and projects, but also awareness amongst young students that they, too, can take part in such a change. 


A recent and valid example was the project performed at SESOBEL, a school for kids with special needs. Students dedicated their time and contributed in the retrofitting of nine hundred (900) LED lamps and the installation of fourteen (14) solar water heaters. Their help saved four thousand united states dollars’ (USD4000) worth of labor cost. The project was successful, students were very pleased with the experience as they got the chance to meet with colleagues from different universities and couple their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Not only that, but participants also gained a sense of awareness towards their society and environment. Mr. Kanaan displayed a small video illustrating the efforts done by students during several weeks under the guidance of Solar World Lebanon.


Lastly, Alain Tayoun from EWB-UOB shared the university of Balamand students’ experience in the project, provided us with the feedback it had on UOB’s community as a whole, and declaimed the exciting ambitions of young engineers to improve their surroundings with the mediocre available capacities and resources.


At the end of the event, certificates were distributed to the participants in the SESOBEL project by the chairman of university chapters, with the presence of Solar World’s owner.

To wrap it all up, this year was a challenge to all of us: finding a project where the costs are minimal but the effect is big was never easy; but we succeeded, and the impact is made. However, you all know that there is still a lot to be done, and many projects to be completed. Whether a generous company or an enthusiastic student, we would like to encourage you all to join us and be part of our family, since change needs both sponsorship and labor.