Frequently Asked Questions:

How was EWB-Lebanon established?

A group of young engineers sharing the same beliefs, with the guidance of EWB-International, could establish a startup group in December 2009.
EWB-Lebanon started as a small group and expanded to cover a wide range of activities and an outreach to various universities.

Is Engineers Without Borders related to Doctors Without Borders?

Although sharing similar visions and motivation to perform humanitarian activities and development initiatives, Engineers Without Borders is not in any way affiliated with Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders is a registered trademark of Bureau International de Médecins Sans Frontieres.

How can I join?

Anyone who shares the same beliefs and motivation of join Engineers Without Borders - Lebanon can join and take part of its activities and projects. 
You can join by visiting our Join us section and applying for a membership. Or simply by  contacting us at info(@)ewb-lebanon.org, and we will guide you through your registration process.

What are the benefits of joining EWB-Lebanon?

EWB-Lebanon members have the opportunity to take part of the group's activities and projects in the development 
They also have access to EWB-Lebanon technical library that includes technical documents gathered from conferences and workshops attended by EWB-Lebanon members.
This is in addition to job and training opportunities, in addition to the involvement in several activities and working groups.

Is EWB-Lebanon restricted to engineers?

Engineers are the main players in EWB-Lebanon as the activities are mainly engineering related, but members from other backgrounds are welcome. We believe that each can help in his/her own way.
We believe in diversity and strive to include memebrs from different disciplines.

How do I start a chapter at my university?

EWB-Lebanon believes that the major pillar of this work is the involvement of universities and engineering students, and thus encourages establishing university chapters in engineering schools allover the country under the supervision of the faculty of engineering.
For more details, visit our page Start a University Chapter

I have a good idea, how can I share it with you?

You can always contact us by email at the following address: