How to Start a University Chapter?

To Start a University Chapter on Your Campus: 
  • Familiarize yourself with the mission and vision of Engineers Without Borders Lebanon
  • Familiarize yourself with benefits offered to EWB student chapters that are explained under the chapters section
  • Familiarize yourself with the activities and projects of EWB-Lebanon.
  • Identify at least four other engineering students who are interested in participating in the chapter. 
  • Contact the Office of Student Affairs (or other appropriate office on campus) for guidelines to set up a student club/society. 
  • Find a full-time faculty member to serve as your advisor (preferably an undergraduate professor)
  • Prepare guidelines/bylaws for the chapter with the help from EWB Lebanon and the students activities office 

Chapter Requirements 
  • Membership
    Membership in the chapter is open to all engineering students on your campus.
    All members of the student chapter are automatically student members at EWB-Lebanon.
    Student membership in EWB-NDU requires minor fees and automatically upgrades to professional membership for free for the first year after graduation. 

  • Name of the Student Chapter
    All student chapters shall be named “Engineers Without Borders (University name) Student Chapter”. e.g. for NDU: Engineers Without Borders NDU Student Chapter.

  • Chapter Logo
    The chapter logo shall be derived from the EWB-Lebanon official logo with minor modifications including the university name/logo and others to fit the vision of the chapter.
    EWB-Lebanon official logo is available in design-raw format, and can be offered upon request.

  • Executive Committee
    The executive committee will be elected annually during the Fall semester of each year, noting that no position shall be held by the same person for more than 1 academic year.
    The executive committee shall include the following positions: President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
  • College or University 
    The chapter must form on a campus with an engineering school. The faculty of engineering must formally recognize the chapter as a student organization.

  • Chapter Terms and Conditions/Bylaws
    The chapter must agree to the terms and conditions for student chapters authorized by EWB-Lebanon as well as adopt sample bylaws provided by EWB-Lebanon or a set of bylaws that are consistent with the terms and conditions.

  • Speakers Bureau
    Student chapters are expected to hold at least one EWB Speakers Bureau presentation each academic year.
    Chapters must identify a lecture hall or other location for the presentation

  • Fund Raising
    Students chapters are expected to hold annual fund raising events to raise funds for their activities and projects. 
    Contribution from the national organization could be made upon request from the chapter.

  • Meetings
    Student chapters must hold at least one meeting per month and report back to EWB-Lebanon. Chapters are also encouraged to hold at least one general interest meeting on campus, represent EWB-Lebanon at a campus event (e.g. Open Doors, NGO Day, Founders day, student activities fair), or sponsor another activity each academic year to reach out to other engineering students who are not chapter members.

  • Faculty Advisor
    The student chapter must have a faculty advisor who supports EWB student chapter program and will provide guidance to student leadership.

  • Annual Evaluations
    At the end of each year, student chapter members are encouraged to complete an anonymous evaluation to help EWB better serve the chapters, and the chapters better serve the students.
Benefits of Joining a University Chapter
  • EWB-Lebanon Guidance
    Any EWB chapter starting under EWB-Lebanon will be guided and supported by the national group EWB-Lebanon, which is in turn supported by the international network of Engineers Without Borders.

  • Administrative Support:
    Chapters not only benefit from the reputation and reliability of Engineers Without Borders, but also get technical, logistical, and administrative support from EWB-Lebanon in the various activities and initiatives.
  • EWB-Lebanon Library
    EWB-Lebanon University Chapters have access to EWB-Lebanon technical library which includes technical and academic material collected from seminars and workshops organized/attended by EWB-Lebanon members.

  • Exchange Programs
    EWB-Lebanon partners with different international organizations and academic institutions in the field of engineering. This allows for conducting exchange programs among universities where EWB outstanding and active student members can go for an offshore project as part their internship/training period.

  • Job Vacancies and Opportunities 
    Members of EWB-Lebanon University Chapters will have frequent updates of job opportunities and vacancies through the link of EWB-Lebanon members.
    Chapters members will have the priority for vacancies in institutions where EWB-Lebanon members work.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this process or once you’re ready to start an EWB student chapter at info(@)